Wu Jen

Not found in Rokugan – not appropriate?

Wu Jen are Eastern-style wizards introduced in both versions of Oriental Adventures. They are similar to normal wizards statistically, but with slightly different spells and some additional meta-magic abilities. Wu Jen is the favored class of the shapeshifting Hengeyokai, also introduced in Oriental Adventures.

Taboos: In order to maintain their supernatirual power, wu jen must abide by certain taboos that may seem inconsequential to other characters, but are vitally important to the wu jen. If a wu jen violates on of her taboos, she cannot cast any more spells that day. A wu jen must choose one taboo at 1st level, and one additional level every time she learns a spell secret. Possible tabbos include:
  • Cannot eat meat
  • Cannot own more than she can carry
  • Must make a daily offering (such as food, flowers, or incense) to one or many spirit powers

Wu jen are spellcasters with mysterious powers. They command the elements, spirit forces, and the very powers of nature. They are seldom found living with the rest of human society. Instead, they live as hermits in the wilderness, purifying their bodies and minds in order to contact the various natural and supernatural powers of the world. From these entities they learn their spells – magical means to control the invisible forces of the world.

Wu Jen

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