Yuchimo Ein


Yuchimo Ein, Shining Temple of Bishamon monk; monk, 8th level; LN, human male.


Yuchimo Ein is one of the higher-ranking monks who permanently reside in the Shining Temple of Bishamon at Aru. His responsibilities include spiritual instruction, acolyte supervision, and preparation of special services for visiting dignitaries. Ein is a pleasant, friendly man, extremely talkative and good-hearted.

But Ein has two secret vices of which he is deeply ashamed. First, he is an insatiable gossip, often guilty of inflating the truth to make it more interesting. Second, he is a compulsive gambler wagering on everything from cricket races to the number of temple visitors wearing patterned kimonos. Unfortunately, he has a spotty success record, forcing him to borrow heavily from disreputable moneylenders. He lives in fear that if he is found out, he will be forced to resign his position at the temple. Since he truly loves his work, he would do almost anything to prevent this from happening.

Yuchimo Ein

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