Woto Jubojiro


Woto Jubojiro; bushi, 6th level; NG, human male.


This swarthy, fearless warrior was one of the key lieutenants in Matasuuri Nagahide’s national army. A resourceful and deeply spiritual man, Jubojiro once led a military unit into the northern Ikuyu Mountains to suppress a korobokuro uprising, only to encounter an ambush. His unit defeated, Jubojiro retreated to a cave. Before falling asleep, he freed a bee trapped in a spider web. The bee came to him in a dream and told him to fill the cave with empty jars. Jubojiro awoke and did as the bee requested; by morning, all of the jars had filled with bees. Allied with the bee swarm, he singlehandedly defeated the korobokuro.

Jobojiro assumed that his place in the Nagahide administration was secure, but shortly after Nagahide became shogun in 1754, a government reorganization was instigated, and thousands of bushi were displaced. Jobojiro found himself among the unemployed.

Jobojiro retired to a small farming village near Juzimura where he has worked as a beekeeper for nearly 20 years. He grew increasingly bitter as his government continued to place younger bushi in important administrative jobs while ignoring the plight of the older bushi. Now 60 years old, he is waiting for an opportunity to retaliate.

Woto Jubojiro

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