Tekinjo Yojairo


Tekinjo Yojairo, military governor at Rukimbaru; samurai, 13th level; LG, human male.


The eldest son of Tekinjo Gasahan, Yojairo is a handsome, virtuous man of 35 years. Although his heritage assured him of a prominent government position, his loyalty and keen managerial skills would have made him a welcome addition to any administration regardless. He has been military governor at Rukimbaru for nearly a decade, acting as the intermediary between the shogunate and the emperor.

But Yojairo’s service has changed him. Increasingly aware of the inequities between the nobility and lower classes, he has become profoundly affected by the misery of the nation’s poor and disgusted by the hypocrisy of the shogunate. He was repulsed by the arrangement between the emperor and Kisha Yunoko, the shogun’s own granddaughter. His sympathy for Yunoko has blossomed into love; they have had a secret affair for nearly a year. So far, no one is aware of his relationship with Yunoko or his growing discontentment.

Tekinjo Yojairo

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