Tekinjo Gasahan


Tekinjo Gasahan, Three House daimyo of Kurahito; samurai, 16th level; LG, human male.


Teninjo Gasahan is the brother-in-law of the shogun and daimyo of the coastal province of Kurahito. A thin, pale loner, he is a thoughtful but aloof administrator; he keeps his advisors at arm’s length and, except for the tiny Ionoi, has no friends. Five years ago, Gasahan discovered that his wife, his only brother, and two senior members of the tairo were plotting his assassination. Gasahan had them all executed. Shattered by their betrayal, Gasahan became withdrawn and cynical, unable to bring himself to trust anyone but Ionoi.

Because he has no close friends or especially loyal officers, Gasahan is generally considered the most vulnerable of Wa’s major daimyos. His enemies would do well not to underestimate him. Beneath his brooding cyni- cism, he is perceptive and extremely intelligent, well aware of the conspirators who surround him. He is also aware of the mounting pressure from the shogunate to take a new wife to ensure an heir to his office. He intends to resist the pressure as long as possible.

Tekinjo Gasahan

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