Tazu-ei; barbarian, 6th level; CN, human male.


Tazu-ei was born into a noble family of Nakamaru. Disgusted with the dissention among his family members as they jockeyed for positions of power, Tazu-ei renounced his status and fled to the wilderness of Machukara. He was never again seen by his family and is presumed dead.

But Tazu-ei is very much alive. He readily adapted to the challenges of the jungle and has sworn off all contact with the civilized world. He has befriended a race of intelligent orange gorillas who will make him their king if he teaches them to build and use ships. He is considering it, intrigued by the idea of leading a band of gorilla pirates.

Tazu-ei is hot-tempered and fearless. He wears no clothes and, thanks to a jungle disease, all his facial hair is gone. He has waistlength black hair, sharp fingernails several inches long, and deep scars covering his body


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