Takae Suju


Takae Suju; monk, 8th level; LG, human male.


Takae Suju is a grim, studious man of 48 years. A man of few words and a chronic insomniac, he spends long nights pouring over scholarly texts, making copious notes in bound journals which line the walls of his small home.

Suju was a devoted student of Baiyosho Degi and served as the military instructor at Uwaji. A true believer in Degi’s interpretation of the Path of Enlightenment, Suju took the analysis a step further and advocated that samurai of all ranks should take a more active role in national leadership. This was not a popular idea with the shogunate, and Suju abruptly found himself banished to the island of Huyusha to minister to the prisoners at Ibhei.

Undeterred, Suju continues his studies on the rocky shores of Huyusha. He has written a series of books, as yet unpublished, advocating an overhaul of the Wa political system. So far, he has wisely kept his ideas to himself.

Takae Suju

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