Shiz-Ti; wu jen, 16th level; CE, human male.


Shiz-ti is a baby-faced man with large ears, a pockmarked face, and a high-pitched nasal voice. He is short, plump, and has an annoying habit of picking his teeth with his fingernails. He is Wa’s greatest wizard and one of the most dangerous men in Kara-Tur.

Following in the footsteps of his father, Shiz-ti received an appointment at an early age as a minor advisor to the tairo. He received numerous reprimands for spending more time on supernatural investigation than on state affairs. In 1765, Shiz-ti was arrested for attracting a falling star which fell in the merchant’s district and killed 200 people. The following day, the Great Fire ravaged Uwaji, eventually destroying half the city and killing 100,000. The charges against Shiz-ti were withdrawn and, as he requested, he was relocated to the island of Paikai to oversee the affairs at the Temple of the High Moon.

Shiz-ti is the absolute monarch of Paikai, ruling through the puppet daimyo Fudo Oieto. He spends his time studying in the catacombs beneath the Temple of the High Moon, located at the peak of Paikai’s highest mountain. He has no human associates, preferring the company of wild boars, hundreds of which wander the corridors of the temple.

Shiz-ti envisions Wa as an island nation populated only by animals and plants, which he is convinced was the true intention of the gods. To this end, he believes it is his moral obligation to rid Wa of all human life. He has yet to determine a suitable procedure for imple- menting his plan.


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