Rumuki Gohei and Rumuki Yoshitada


Rumuki Gohei and Rumuki Yoshitada, daimyos of Shidekima Island; samurai, 16th level; NG, human males.


The Rumuki twins are the daimyos of the two provinces of Shidekima; Gohei is the daimyo of Shuni, Yoshitada the daimyo of Jotai. Nearly 7 feet tall, fullbellied, bald, and always clad in red, the brothers are virtually identical, except for the star-shaped birthmark on Gohei’s head.

Their personalities are also indistinguishable. Roth are arrogant, stubborn, and eccentric. Both are inordinately sympathetic to the downtrodden; Gohei made room in his palace for the children of parents who were lost at sea, while Yoshitada buys new shoes every year for the peasant families in his province. They can also be mercilessly cruel; both routinely execute the entire families of criminals convicted of crimes as minor as curfew violations. Both share a deep distrust of technological advancements, an attitude which has kept their provinces the most primitive in Wa.

Gohei and Yoshitada surround themselves with capable advisors, but they rarely solicit or consider their advice. On all important matters of state, they consult only each other. Their affinity is unique and powerful; together they are able to communicate with a minimum of words and solve problems that would baffle a coliseum of scholars.

Rumuki Gohei and Rumuki Yoshitada

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