Osari Daizan


Osari Daizan, daimyo of Tifuido; samurai, 15th level; LG, human male.


Osari Daizan presides over what must surely be the happiest province in Wa. A small man with a round white face and a permanent grin, Daizan thoroughly enjoys his job; like his subjects, he is cheerful, goodnatured, and quite prosperous.

Osari is a descendant of Ababuio, the deity of good luck. Osari carefully observes the family tradition of fishing for jellyfish. According to Ababuio, if a jellyfish is caught daily, then fortune will follow. Needless to say, Osari can be found at the beach with his fishing net at dawn every day.

Osari has a deep respect for artists, musicians in particular. Government-salaried minstrels stroll every street of Tifuido, and music instruction is made available to all citizens at no charge. Osari himself is an accomplished musician, and often gives public performances with his biwa of calm.

Osari Daizan

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