Oe-Ura, the Peachling Girl; kensai, 7th level; LG, spirit folk female.


A poor farmer from Fochu was fishing one day when he discovered a peach floating down the Nanaichi River. He retrieved the peach from the water, and a female child burst from it. He took the child home where he and his wife raised her as their own.

The girl grew quickly. Although she lacked the ability to speak, she proved herself a tireless worker around the village and delighted the peasants with her dazzling acrobatic skills. She also became proficient with weapons, able to throw two spears at the same time to bring down two flying birds. As her stature grew with the peasants, the daimyo decided she was a threat to the tranquility of the state. On her 14th birthday, he ordered her executed. Her parents hid her in the jungle, and they were were executed in her place.

In the subsequent seven years, the Peachling Girl has become the champion of the peasants in Fochu province, emerging from her jungle hideaway to battle oppressive government soldiers and intercept thieving tax collectors. Dark-skinned and clad in cam ouflaged leather, few manage to catch more than a fleeting glimpse of her. She shuns the company of humans, preferring the companionship of her three pets’a dog, a monkey, and a parrot.


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