Muki Nobi


Muki Nobi, Three House daimyo of Chozawa; samurai, 19th level; LN, human male. NE, human male.


Muki Nobi’s father, Toyo Nobi, was a key military advisor and the closest personal friend of shogun Matasuuri Nagahide’s father. When Muki was 11, his father took the family on an outing near Mount Matazan. They were attacked by bandits, and except for Muki, the entire family was killed. At midnight, Muki quietly made his way into the bandit camp and slit their throats while they slept.

Unknown to Muki, the entire incident had been observed by a tribe of tengu. Impressed with his savagery and sympathetic to his plight, the tengu invited him to their village. He spent the next two years with the tengu, receiving intensive training in guerilla tactics, swordsmanship, and the military arts.

On his return to civilization, Muki was eagerly welcomed by Matasuuri Nagahide who assured him there would always be a place in his administration for a cherished family friend. After a brief stint as military governor, Muri was appointed daimyo of Chozawa where he has proven himself to be a brilliant leader and a loyal ally.

Muki is a broad-shouldered powerhouse with bright blue eyes and a bushy black moustache which droops below his chin. A man of action, he relishes any opportunity to lead his hand-picked troops into battle. He is a brutal, unforgiving soldier, decreeing that the decapitated heads of state enemies be impaled on poles and paraded through the streets.

Muki Nobi

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