Nobu Subari


Nobu Subari, Tozama daimyo of Jasuga; samurai, 10th level; LN, human male.


Nobu Subari is the square-faced, hulking daimyo of Jasuga, probably the poorest province of Wa. Though honest and hardworking, Subari is slow-witted and unimaginative, hardly suited for the demands of governing.

But for a twist of fate, Subari would likely have been a happy farmer instead of an inept daimyo. Fifty years ago, the shogun and some of his close advisors were taking the emperor on a pleasure cruise at Lake Sari. A storm arose, capsizing one of the boats carrying the emperor’s provisions. All items were recovered except for a crystal containing the emperor’s image. Divers could not find it. A peasant woman, observing the situation from the shore, offered to dive for the crystal if the shogunate would raise her infant son to be a ruler. The desperate shogun hastily agreed. Miraculously, the woman recovered the crystal and her son, Subari, eventually fulfilled the shogunate’s promise by becoming daimyo of Jasuga.

An avid sportsman, Subari has successfully promoted the sport of wrestling among the peasants. He is resentful, however, that his idea of holding a national wrestling tournament in Jasuga has been ignored. As his resentment increases, he is listening more closely to neighboring Bokika Hokio’s solicitation of allies for a rebellion.

Nobu Subari

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