Nobu Chuya


Nobu Chuya, wakadoshiyori inspector; bushi, 7th level; LE, human male.


Nobu Chuya is the younger brother of Nobu Subari. A former karo administrator in Jasuga, Chuya’s remarkable mathematical ability so impressed the shogun that he was promoted to a prominent position on the wakadoshiyori council.

At age 22, Chuya is easily the youngest shogunate advisor holding an executive position. Chuya is Wa’s chief inspector of public works. Thanks to his amazing mind, he remembers specifications and tax records for more than 10,000 government buildings and retains farm production records for every major city in Wa. He can multiply and divide multiple-digit figures in his head, recalling the answers six months later if necessary.

As a person, however, Chuya is contemptible. He is a drunkard, a lecher, and a cheat; pudgy, pig-eyed, and unprincipled. He spends much of his time in the pleasure districts of Semmishi where no vice is too indecent for his enjoyment. He freely accepts bribes and has a lucrative business as a loan shark. With a growing number of enemies in both the nobility and the underclass, Chuya is ripe for a fall.

Nobu Chuya

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