Muni-Ku; LG, human female.


Like her mother and grandmother before her, Muni-ku was a cook in the service of the daimyo of Tifuido. On the day of an important banquet, she became convinced that the head cook had prepared a soup for the daimyo accidentally using poisoned mushrooms. Unable to convince anyone of the danger, Muni-ku ate the soup, thereby saving the daimyo but fatally poisoning herself.

As Muni-ku lay dying in her bedroom that evening, she was visited by Suku-nabiko, a dwarf god with moth wings and a cloak of raven’s feathers. The god examined her, then produced a ghostly moth which he said knew everything in the world, including the cure for her poison. The moth flew into Muni-ku’s mouth, she swallowed it, and the god vanished.

Not only did Muni-ku recover completely, she found her knowledge of the world had grown remarkably. With an endless supply of fascinating tales, she quickly became a renowned storyteller who endeared herself to peasants and nobility alike.

Today, Muni-ku is a strong, smiling woman of 80 years, traveling from village to village to delight young and old with her rich stories of Wa’s history and leg ends. In honor of her benefactor, she wears a robe made of raven’s feathers. The source of her knowledge and her robust health remains her secret.


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