Matasuuri Unteki


Matasuuri Unteki, Three House daimyo of Iiso; samurai, 17th level; CN, human male.


Matasuuri Unteki is the younger brother of the shogun and, as one of the Three House daimyos, he is one of the most powerful men in Wa. He is also one of the most despised.

He is shaggy-haired, pencil-thin, neurotic, pompous, greedy, and ruthless. His policy decisions are products of paranoia rather than reason. He is prone to wild mood swings; the song of a child sends him into giggling ecstasy, the sight of a dead fly reduces him to sobbing despair

Unteki’s crazed edicts are legendary. He once ordered an insubordinate han administrator to commit suicide, then confiscated the daimyo’s fief because it was understaffed. When his dog died, he declared that all residents of Iiso would honor dogs by bowing to them on the street and addressing them as Sir Dog and Madam Dog.

In spite of Unteki’s eccentricities, Iiso is prosperous and ordered, thanks to the skilled officers the shogun has instated in his brother’s administration. Since Unteki considers himself an artist and scholar, he is usually too preoccupied to take much interest in the affairs of state. He spends much of his time preparing the literature lectures his officers are required to attend twice a month. He is also heavily involved in the monthly production of kabuki and noh plays, casting himself in the lead roles.

Matasuuri Unteki

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