Matasuuri Kimmu


Matasuuri Kimmu, kinsman daimyo of Chozawa; samurai, 16th level; LG, human male.


The second son of the shogun and brother of Ieysuna, Matasuuri Kimmu rules only because his heritage obligates him to. Personable but indecisive, he is adored by the people of Rukimbaru, but is considered a buffoon by his subordinates.

Kimmu knows he lacks the necessary skills for a strong leader, but resigns himself to his fate and does the best he can. His loyal and sensible wife Jutei-ni actually makes all the crucial policy decisions, much to the eternal gratitude of Kimmu.

A strapping, robust young man not yet 40 years old, Kimmu would prefer the life of a sailor or farmer to the stifling existence of an administrator. He loves outdoor recreations and sponsors province-wide athletic competitions each spring, paying for prizes from his own pocket.

Matasuuri Kimmu

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