Matasuuri Ieysuna


Matasuuri Ieysuna, kinsman daimyo of Akkaido; samurai, 19th level; LG, human male.


Matasuuri Ieysuna is the eldest son of the shogun. Tall, handsome, and dignified, he rules his province with a firm hand, insisting on formality at all times. In his administration, rudeness and poor hygiene are grounds for imprisonment. Sensitive and prudish, he finds kabuki drama vulgar and musical performances by females of any age obscene.

Ieysuna’s sense of propriety has served him well as an administrator; Akkaido is one of Wa’s most prosperous and troublefree provinces. Ieysuna employs a vicious police force to administer quick and brutal jus- tice. Ieysuna himself avoids violent encounters; he has never participated in a battle of any kind and has no intention to.

Matasuuri Ieysuna

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