Lakana Luri-tai


Lakana Luri-Tai; wu jen, 7th level; LG, human female.


Luri-Tai is the niece of Muki Gohei, the daimyo of the Shuni province of the island of Shidekima. She was the prize pupil of the Master of the Grand Sky, perhaps the greatest sorcerer in Shidekima’s history. Eight years ago, the Master of the Grand Sky ascended into the starry night, never to be seen again.

Luri-tai has since continued her studies on her own, specializing in astronomy and astrology. She spends every night studying the sky, gazing into the heavens so intently that she must be forcibly moved indoors in case of a thunderstorm or typhoon. Rumor has it that Luri-Tai has visited the sun and the moon and that she can speak with the stars.

Luri-tai’s expertise is recognized throughout the nation, and court astrologers from all corners of Wa regularly consult her for her interpretation of stellar activity. She shares her knowledge freely, having little interest in wealth or material possessions.

Luri-tai is a short, plump woman who has little social contact because of her paralyzing shyness. She is naive and easily manipulated by those who would take advantage of her generosity. Her uncle looks out for her, but worries that she will someday by tricked into using her knowledge for an improper purpose.

Lakana Luri-tai

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