Krakentua, ruler of the Isle of Gargantuas; CE, monstrosity.


An immense monstrosity with the body of a man and the head of a kraken, the krakentua is a powerful demon spirit with an insatiable appetite for power and destruction.

A decade ago, the krakentua was severely wounded in a struggle with the more powerful ocean spirits and fled to the Outer Isles of Wa. He took up residence on the Isle of Gargantua where he amused himself by observing the endless, bloody battles between the insectoid and reptilian garganutas while nursing himself back to health and plotting his next move. tice.

The krakentua was recently contacted in a dream by Shiz-ti, the powerful wu jen of Paikai. Shiz-ti promised the krakentua the rule of all the southern islands of Wa in return for his help. The krakentua tentatively agreed, but has not yet heard from Shiz-ti regarding the details. The krakentua is deciding whether to wait for Shiz-ti or proceed with his plan to train and recruit an army of gargantuas for an assault against southern Wa.


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