Korai Anteki


Korai Anteki, machi-yakko leader; bushi, 7th level; LG, human male.


Korai Anteki is the son of Korai Urushi, a merchant who ran a modest rice wholesaling operation in Iiso. When Anteki was a young man, his father went out of business over a six month period when his customers mysteriously stopped buying from him. Humiliated, Anteki had no choice but to sell his business to Osahichiro Yoto, Iiso’s largest rice trader, for an obscenely low price.

Convinced that his father was a victim of a conspiracy sanctioned by the government, the angry Anteki joined a newly organized machi-yakko gang and, owing to his sharp mind and skill with a dagger, soon became their leader. Anteki’s gang wages relentless covert war against Iiso’s business establishment and Osahichiro Yoto in particular. Anteki has sunk Yoto’s rice barges; set fire to his warehouses, even assassinated the leaders of his private militia.

Anteki is short, wiry, and determined. His arrogance is matched by his courage and his unyielding belief in his cause.

Korai Anteki

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