Kisha Yunoko


Kisha Yunoko, concubine of the emperor; NG, human female.


Yunoko is the adopted daughter of daimyo Matasuuri Ieysuna and granddaughter of the shogun. She is 19 years old, delicate, and gentle. She has soft green eyes, silky black hair, and has the singing voice of a nightingale.

With the encouragement of the shogun, Ieysuna had Yunoko trained in the arts of a geisha since the day she took her first step. At age 16, the shogun invited her to attend a state function at the Imperial Palace where she was introduced to the emperor. As the shogun had hoped, the emperor was instantly smitten with Yunoko and asked that she remain with him. Yunoko became his favored geisha and eventually his concubine. At the instructions of her grandfather, Yunoko regularly makes secret reports about the activities of the emperor.

Initially, Yunoko enjoyed the attention and the lavish lifestyle at the Imperial Palace, but she soon grew weary of the isolation and began to feel guilty about betraying the trust of the emperor. She also began a secret love affair with Tekinjo Yojairo, the military governor in residence at the palace.

Yunoko longs to leave the emperor, but fears her father will suffer retribution from the shogunate if she does. She also fears for the life of Yojairo if their affair is discovered. She is increasingly despondent, increasingly desperate, and increasingly willing to consider any scheme that might help her out of her dilemmas.

Kisha Yunoko

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