Kai Chiang Lung


Kai Chiang Lung; LN, river dragon.


Kai is the river dragon who resides at the bottom of Lake Sari. He may be summoned during nights with a full moon; his name must be written in the water on the area of the lake which reflects the moon’s image. This method of summoning Kai is not commonly known.

If Kai appears, he will ask the summoner for a treasure to decorate his mansion. If suitably impressed with the offering, Kai will hear the request of the summoner. Whether Kai chooses to grant the request depends on how much effort is required, if the lake has been maintained to his satisfaction, and the identity of the summoner; Kai is partial to painters, writers, and scholars.

Kai takes his guardianship of Lake Sari quite seriously. Those who violate its beauty are sure to feel his wrath. On particularly pleasant summer days, Kai polymorphs into a red-bearded gentlemen and lounges in a drifting rowboat. On these days, Kai engages fellow boaters in philosophic conversations, offering intriguing tidbits about the mysteries of Wa.

Kai Chiang Lung

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