Jutei-Ni, wife of the daimyo of Rukimbaru; normal human; LG, human female.


Jutei-Ni is the daughter of a Rukimbaru grocer.

When Jutei-Ni’s father died, her mother sold the business and used the money to bribe an official into appointing her as a cook in the household of Matasuuri Kimmu, the daimyo of Rukimbaru. Jutei-Ni, bored with her kitchen duties, would slip away to the castle library to read and study.

She was discovered one day and was brought to the young daimyo for punishment. But Kimmu was charmed by her independence and imagination, and her full lips and flowing hair She, too, was taken with his kindness and handsome face. They were married within the year.

Jutei-Ni is inquisitive, charitable, and passionate. In a fairer world, she rightfully would be a daimyo herself, but she is content with being the unofficial first advisor to her husband. Against official policy, she encourages foreign studies and urges leniency for criminals with families. She advocates laws protecting animals and promotes reinstatement of the Chantea cults as an officially recognized religion. Her outspokenness has earned her many enemies.


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