Ionoi, advisor to the daimyo of Kurahito; samurai 1st level; LG, human male.


Ionoi is a 1-inch-tall refugee from the Isle of the Long Legged and Long Armed.

Twenty years ago,Ionoi was banished from the island for having legs that were too short (the legs of this race normally are twice the length of their bodies). He was set adrift on a tiny bamboo raft which eventually washed ashore near the city of Kurahito. Ionoi was found on the beach by Tenkinjo Gasahan, a young man who would one day be daimyo of Kurahito.

Gasahan nursed Ionoi back to health, and they became fast friends. Ionoi, a learned man of high character, became Gasahan’s personal tutor, Over the next two decades, Gasahan listened to over 1,500 lectures from Ionoi, on subjects ranging from philosophy to botany, from ancient history to music theory. Today, Ionoi remains Gasahan’s closest adviser. His existence is still a secret.

Ionoi speaks in a high squeak. He is barely able to waddle with his short legs, so he uses his dangling arms to push himself along the ground. His love for Gasahan is boundless.


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