Ido Kunarakuai


Ido Kunarakuai, member of the hyojosho; samurai, 11th level; LG, human male.


Ido Kunarakuia is the chief justice of the executive hyojosho court at Uwaji, a post he has held for two decades. He is 70 years old, a dark, imposing man whose wrinkles and sagging face make him appear even older. The shogunate pays him an excessively high salary to make him resistant to bribes.

Kunarakuia is wise and stern, respected by nobility and commoners alike for his common sense approach to the law. He was once approached by a merchant who suspected his wife was having an affair with a neighbor, but didn’t know who it was. Kunarakuia asked the man if he owned a dog. The puzzled merchant said he did. Kunarakuia loaned the merchant enough money to throw a banquet big enough to invite all the neighbors. Whichever neighbor the dog seemed to know best, explained Kunarakuia, would be revealed as the guilty party.

Kunarakuia’s successful career has been at the expense of his family. His neglected wife asked for a divorce, which he reluctantly granted. To his eternal shame, his three daughters all work as geishas in the pleasure districts of Semmishi.

Ido Kunarakuai

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