Horifusa Ti


Horifusa Ti, fudai daimyo of Hotomori; samurai, 17th level; LG, human male.


Horifusa Ti administers to the largest province of Wa and is the wealthiest of all the fudai daimyos. Ti has bright blue eyes, a pleasant smile, and an open face. He is analytical, fair-minded, and genuinely enjoys the company of others. He makes frequent visits to the smallest farming villages to discuss issues face-to-face with the peasants.

Ti’s single vice is his love of gold and jewels. He is so obsessed that he willingly accepts a lesser tax payment if remuneration is made in gold instead of rice or other currency. Ti regularly sends Hotomori warships on salvage operations to recover booty from sunken vessels. He rarely spends any of his treasure, instead keeping it secretly hidden away in the catacombs deep beneath his castle.

Ti’s wife, Suki, is a former consort of the Celestial Bureaucracy, cast out from the heavens when she became too old. Many wonder why Ti chose such a dull and withered woman for a spouse. Her appeal is clear to Ti; when Suki is upset, she cries pearls instead of tears

Horifusa Ti

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