Fuzitsu Diyawa


Fuzitsu Diyawa; bushi, 5th level; NE, human male.


Fuzitsu Diyawa is the wealthiest merchant in Uwaji, perhaps the most successful businessman in all of Wa. He is so obese that even rising from his chair requires the help of two assistants. His flesh is as white as paste, and his laugh resembles a schoolgirl’s giggle. He continually brushes wisps of white hair from his eyes.

Diyawa’s father was a ronin who used embezzled funds to go into the drapery business with the father in- law of the shogun. Diyawa took control of the family business after his father’s death. Bribes to the proper officials brought him important government contracts and made him rich. Diyawa now supplies furnishings for the castles of all the major daimyos. He is also a frequent informant to the metsuke secret police, for which he receives additional favors from the shogunate.

Fuzitsu Diyawa

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