Chison Yui


Chison Yui, ronin leader; samurai 8th level; LG, human male.


The soft-spoken, solidly built Chison Yui is the son of a metalworker in a village near Hotomori. At an early age, Yui was sent to a school taught by ronin where he displayed exceptional talents. As an adult, he established an ironworks in Hotomori, selling to many prominent samurai and thus increasing his contacts in the community.

A craftsman by trade, his quick mind and inspiring charisma have made him the unofficial leader of the sizable ronin population of Hotomori.

Yui has become increasingly concerned about the shogunate’s disregard of the ronin’s problems. He is weighing the possibility of organizing a rebellion to demand reinstatement of their former status or restitution for their mistreatment. So far, the government is not aware of his militancy.

Chison Yui

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