Bokika Hokio


Bokika Hokio, Tozama daimyo of Fochu; samurai, 16th level; LE, human male.


When Bokika Hokio served as daimyo of Juzikura, he brazenly gave sanctuary to Chantea priests, knowing full well that worship of Chantea was forbidden by the state. Hokio saw no harm in their simple faith; if the deity did indeed exist, worshiping him might result in better harvests. As a nephew of the shogun, Hokio had little fear of reprisal.

He was wrong. In 1753, the shogun surrounded Juzikura Castle with a force of 15,000 samurai, but found the defenses impregnable. After weeks of futile and bloody battle, the shogun offered to allow Hokio and his officers to retain their status if they surrendered. With dwindling supplies, Hokio agreed. The Chantea priests were executed, and Hokio was relocated to the barren and isolated Fochu province. The shogun allowed Hokio to remain a daimyo, but his status was reduced to tozama. Juzijura Castle was destroyed two years later when it was taken again by Chantea cultists.

Hokio today is a bitter and vengeful man. A giant of a man with fiery red eyes and rippling muscles, he has an explosive temper and no tolerance for disobedience. His temper is legendary. His attention to administrative details is cursory at best. He is actively recruiting sympathetic accomplices for revenge on the shogunate.

Bokika Hokio

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