Baiyosho Degi


Baiyosho Degi, member of the Tairo; monk, 15th level; LN, human male.


Baiyosho Degi is a fervid advocate of the Path of Enlightenment as the one true faith. He was instrumental in its adoption as the only formally sanctioned religion in Wa.

With his family providing generations of faithful service to the shogunate, Degi was assured a place as a jisha-bugyo commissioner, but his intellect so delighted Matasuuri Nagahide that he was promoted to the tairo, highly unusual for one not of the samurai class. What so impressed the shogun was Degi’s radical interpretation of the Path of Enlightenment.

In a series of private lectures, Degi explained that the Path is not a philosophy of spirituality as much as a blueprint for social order. The path advocates a natural hierarchy, explained Degi, with the fundamental principal of the universe being the submission of the son to the father. The shogun interpreted this as a sign of his divine right as absolute monarch and a justification of the rigid political system he helped establish. The shogun couldn’t have asked more of a religion.

Many attribute Degi’s rapid ascension in the administration to manipulation and cold calculation. Degisees it merely as recognition of his wisdom. Fleshy and expressionless, he is a brilliant scholar, a loner baffled by the needs of others for social contact, totally disinterested in the arts

Baiyosho Degi

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