Angoi Sawai


samurai ronin ; NG, human male.


Saiwai’s father, Angoi Suwari, was a samurai administrator wrongfully accused of aiding a ronin plot in Iiso to assassinate the shogun. Following Suwari’s execution, his name was cleared. Still, rumors of wrongdoing continued, making life miserable for the Angoi family.

Unable to tolerate the persistent gossip, Saiwai requested relocation to another province. The daimyo denied his request. Disgusted, Saiwai voluntarily gave up his samurai status to become a ronin. He now works as a farmer in a quiet village of Hotomori.

Tall and thin, cynical and serious, Saiwai is obsessed with revenge, blaming the government for perpetuating the hurtful lies about his father. Lately, he has been considering the offers of his friend, Chisson Yui, to join him in organizing the ronin into a unified force. Saiwai would gladly participate in any insurrection against the government’the more violent, the better.

Angoi Sawai

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